Olivia Di Gregorio


Olivia Di Gregorio is an emerging Canadian artist with a mixed background of Chinese and Italian heritage. She visits expressions about femininity, childhood, and melancholy in oil painted subjects, integrating contemporary ideals and identities into a classic mythological framework.

Artist Statement:
Having always been reflections of my journal writings, my work tells people with more sincerity than I could ever manage otherwise, about what I care for in that moment’s depiction. They explain my dreams and the things I love in a language inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites, drawing in images from history, mythology, narrative, and mysticism. As of late, my work has focused on missing identities, and the realms of their individual solitudes. I look to folklore for inspiration, with fairies, changelings, and elements of magic to explain the shift from one state into another. I like to think this process is seen and experienced through the painting, as one looks into the worlds laid before the viewer.

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Portrait by Hal October, 2018

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